Ponicode Unit Test Live on Product Hunt

Easing developers’ daily coding routine is our ambition and the mission we have given ourselves here at Ponicode. With AI on code, it is now possible to automate a task that was, until now, so time-consuming in the life of software engineers!

Unit testing is an essential part of development as it guarantees the code’s quality, unfortunately they require an extraordinary amount of time and human resources to be performed. Studies show that software engineers spend more than 50% of their time on quality control or non coding tasks  — which is huge! So we are set on making developers’ coding journey easier in order for them to focus on what really matters and love doing: unleash their creativity! 

Since our beta public launch in June, we have worked hard to improve our solution and answer developers’ needs and expectations. We come to you now with an updated version today which you can discover today on Product Hunt 🎉😼

How does it work? 

Nothing is simpler than unit testing your code with Ponicode! Our tool supports JavaScript, TypeScript and Python and all this in your favorite IDE : VS Code.. 

All you have to do is to choose a function you would like to test and click on the pony! Our AI assists you by making a range of input suggestions from which you can choose to build your own unit test file. You can pick the ones you want to run, whatever happens, you always stay in control! Thanks to Ponicode your test files are automatically generated and you can check them whenever you like.

Here is a little video showing how quick and easy it is to unit test with Ponicode instead of writing your own tests.    

We are always looking for feedback in order to improve our solution and offer you your dream tool to test your code and more! You can check your next partner in code on Product Hunt right now! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!